As one of the most recognized and experienced law firms in Hillsborough County, Curry Law Group P.A. wants its clients to “KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!”

Curry Law Group has represented clients in Brandon and throughout Hillsborough county for over 30 years, including doctors, other attorneys and even some of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer players. Curry Law Group has been retained to represent people all over the Tampa Bay area in complex litigation of all types. In addition to its personal injury and family law practices, Curry Law Group is currently representing area landowners and businesses against the predatory actions of banks and other financial institutions.

Curry Law Group is known for aggressively representing its clients rights during the litigation process but also utilizes the mediation process to settle cases without having to incur the expense of trial.

Curry has been awarded the prestigious “A-V” rating by Martindale-Hubbel for attorney’s that have been voted by judges and lawyers to have the top rating in both legal ability and ethics. Curry Law Group is proud of our ability to represent our clients to the fullest extent that the law allows. Curry has long-standing relationships with the many members of the judiciary, having served on the Thirteenth Circuit Judicial Nominating Committee and many judicial campaigns.

In addition to our attorneys, Curry Law Group has experienced paralegals available to all our clients to assist with day to day issues.

Clif Curry prides himself on being an ever present figure in the community, serving on various political campaign committees and volunteering for charitable causes. He was Brandon’s Honorary Mayor, Brandon’s Key Citizen, President of the Brandon Chamber of Commerce and has served on the board of many of local charities. Curry is especially proud of the work done by the Trey Curry Foundation helping children in need in our community.

Curry Law Group will aggressively represent you and your family in pursuing your legal rights. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Contact Curry Law Group today.