It’s often said the pain of a divorce is second only to the loss of a loved one by death. There’s no question; divorce is a high stress and emotionally taxing experience for most. If you are considering divorce, or are currently separated from your spouse and are in need of legal advice regarding the divorce process in the state of Florida, The Curry Law Group can help. We understand the diverse challenges families face today including mediation, divorce, deposition, child custody, child support, visitation, domestic violence issues, restraining orders, property rights, property division, alimony (including permanent alimony, rehabilitative alimony, or transitional alimony) and the recovery of attorney’s fees.

We have provided the following videos to help answer some of the frequently asked questions about the divorce process:

  • What to consider when considering divorce

  • Protecting wealth and assets

  • Preparing to file

  • Social media and electronic devices

  • Child support and custody

  • What men need to know

  • What women need to know

  • Collaborative divorce/mediation

  • Judges impact on your case

After a divorce, you may continue to deal with issues such as modification of child support, modification of child custody, relocation of children or modification of alimony. We can assist with enforcement and compliance issues as well. If you are not receiving alimony or child support payments as agreed, we can assist with settlement agreements, court orders and/or contempt of court proceedings.

We look out for the rights of all of our clients. Your legal interest as a father, mother, military member or civilian is our top priority.

We have over 20 years experience in practicing Florida law. Large law offices may pass your important legal matter off to less experienced newer attorneys, where you may never see the person advertised on TV or in print. Unlike these large offices, when you work with our firm, your case will be handled by board certified and Florida Bar registered principals of our firm. You can rely on our experienced and seasoned professionals to help guide you throughout the entire divorce or family law process.

Our many years of combined experience, in all types of marital and family law matters, will make a difference. We are confident that our personalized approach and skilled attorneys can assist you in successfully navigating this very difficult and lonely road in your journey through life. Sometimes life can lead us in a direction that turns out to be a dead end, or at least it may often feel that way.

Relationships and divorce are no exceptions. If this sounds familiar, we understand. Think of our team like a bridge helping you to get to your next destination in life. We invite you to call or reach out to our office today via email or through the contact us links found throughout our website. We would like to be your trusted legal advisors and experts as you work through the divorce and family law issues facing you and your family.

One of the most difficult areas of family law usually involves child custody matters. While the Florida courts often decide on shared custody, this is not always the case. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns. We will then aggressively work through the courts to accomplish an outcome that is in your best interest. Our team understands these are rough waters to navigate, and we don’t rush, we listen, understand, problem solve and ultimately create a plan to accomplish that end. Through experience and clear understanding of the family Florida law process, we will work through the challenging currents and get you and your family across to the other side safely.

The process of divorce and dealing with all of it’s related family law issues is not often an easy one. However it is possible to transition from where you are, to where you would like to be, and we can help get you there. If along the way you need to speak with a financial advisor or you would like to speak with a mental health professional, we will assist you with a professional introduction to our local trusted recommended partners.

Last, but not least, we want you to know that you’re not alone. Family’s are important. Divorce is not easy, and you, and your children’s legal rights are worth protecting. If you live in the Tampa or Brandon, Florida area and need to speak with a family law or divorce attorney, we’re only a phone call or click away.