Issues relating to custody of minor children can have a huge impact on both the parents and children involved. It is essential that you have professional and experienced representation during this process.

In Florida, the court may determine the legal and physical custody of minor children during and after divorce cases. Legal custody includes decisions regarding issues of education, religion, discipline and health care, while physical custody determines residency location.

Custody may be awarded to one parent (sole custody), or both parents (joint custody or shared parental responsibility). In the case of joint custody, one of the parents will be named the primary joint custodian thereby establishing primary residence, schools and doctors. The other parent will be granted visitation rights.

Judges in family courts employ a wide array of tools to assess the best interest of the minor children. These evaluations can include parenting and personality assessments, psychological interviews, a family history review, and observations of each parent’s interaction with the child.

The assessment may also include interviews with neighbors, teachers, physicians or others with insight into the family dynamics. These interviews may clarify contradictions between parental statements.

The court will consider all of the assessments to develop an impression of the true family dynamics, the needs of the child, and of the ultimate determination of the custodial issues.

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