Mediation is a powerful tool that can be utilized when issues between divorcing spouses are preventing a resolution. An unbiased third party mediator can help spouses come to a mutual agreement. If the mediation is successful, the mediator will assist in drafting and executing a written agreement to be filed in the divorce action.

The goal of mediation is to improve inter-spouse communication, allowing the parties to explore all options for settling disputes. Successful mediation is a preferred outcome versus a judge’s impersonal decision based on rigid legal principles.

Except where noted otherwise by law, all mediation discussions are confidential between the couple, their attorneys, and the mediator. This confidentiality encourages open communications for the couple, with the goal of addressing all concerns and achieving mutual agreement.

Mediators that are certified by the Florida Supreme Court are required to comply with the Florida Rules for Certified and Court Appointed Mediators, which govern how mediations are to be conducted.

The rules require mediators to remain neutral and prohibit bias toward either party. They cannot impose decisions on what the parties should or should not do, and cannot force either party into an agreement. Mediators are required to always work for the mutual good of both parties and to respect the decisions of each party, whether they settle or not.

The mediation process can potentially save you thousands of dollars in attorney and litigation costs. Curry Law Group attorney Louis Daniel Lazaro, Esquire, is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a family law mediator.

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