High Net Worth Divorce

Curry Law Group is experienced in working with divorce actions involving substantial income and substantial net worth. We will analyze your case, negotiate a fair divorce settlement, if possible, or litigate your contested case should that become necessary.

While many attorneys practice in the area of marital and family law, very few understand how to appropriately analyze and administer complex financial divorce cases. These cases require attorneys with significant specialized training, experienced support staff and many years of experience dealing with complex financial issues.

Most financially complex divorce cases invoke the division of assets and liabilities (equitable distribution) as well as the negotiation of substantial alimony claims. We will advise you in retention of forensic specialists such as accountants, appraisers, and vocational evaluators.

Business Owner’s Divorce

The successful navigation of a business owner’s divorce often requires a combination of legal skills, business expertise, specialized education and related skill sets. In addition, access to supporting forensic specialists such as accountants and appraisers is crucial. Curry Law Group attorneys have not only extensive marital and family law experience but also business management litigation expertise. This should be a topic of discussion at your initial consultation.

Real Estate and Divorce

A substantial portion of Florida’s economy is based upon the development and management of real estate assets. Understanding these assets and their associated debts is a must when analyzing a divorce case. One must also understand how a division of net worth and how cash flow sapping alimony claims can undermine the viability of these assets. Curry Law Group will understand your portfolio and work to protect what you have worked so hard to create and grow.

Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Mediation is very important in the area of marital and family law. Curry Law Group has a large team of impartial mediators to assist in settling your case. Today the vast majority of divorce cases are settled prior to the need for a contested trial. While mediation has been popular for many years, the process of collaborative law has greatly increased in popularity recently. Curry Law Group settles the majority of their marital and family law cases through mediation and collaborative law.

Uncontested Divorce

While most marital and family law cases are eventually settled, many are actually settled prior to the filing of the divorce lawsuit thus resulting in an uncontested divorce from the very beginning. Should you feel that your marital and family law case is capable of immediate, pre-filing resolution, we will prepare a marital settlement agreement protecting your rights and assets.

Military Divorce

Our area is so fortunate to have many military families residing here. MacDill Airforce Base has been a constant fixture in this area and its economy for many years. Curry Law Group has significant experience in the area of military divorce including the complex area of pension division.

Relocation Actions

One of the most difficult areas of marital and family law is that of minor child relocations. This area of law is a subset of general marital and family law which needs to be deeply and thoroughly understood in order to properly administer your case for your benefit and the benefit of your children. Should you feel the need to relocate with your minor children, or should you wish to defend against such a relocation, then hiring an experienced legal team is of paramount importance. Curry Law Group is prepared to defend the interests of both you and your children.

Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements

Families and family structures are always evolving. The makeup of the typical American family is different today than it was for your parents. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements have dramatically increased in popularity in recent years. This has led to a significant expansion in the area of Florida law which deals with the preparation and enforcement of these agreements. Curry Law Group has both the experience and knowledge to negotiate, create and enforce these agreements. Choosing a competent legal advisor is crucially important given that a Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement is often the most important and far reaching document you will ever sign.

The Importance of the Initial Divorce Case Analysis

A free initial divorce consultation is no replacement for a quality face-to-face and in-depth discussion of your case. While the former may be economical, it is an ultimate false economy. Your initial consultation is often the most important event of the entire process of dissolving your marriage or managing your family law dispute. The initial consultation is:

1. Where you should organize, list and discuss all the relevant facts of your case.
2. Where you should discuss the likely realistic outcomes of your case.
3. Where you should discuss the general divorce process, meaning how you get from where you are to the end of the process.
4. Where you discuss likely costs.

There is a lot to talk about during the initial divorce consultation. You should also discuss your personal priorities in the case. Some examples could include:  Preservation of your business, desire to relocate, questions about your parenting plan, grandparents’ rights, a desire to retain a particular asset such as the marital home, or even being awarded a loving pet.

The initial consultation is also the best time for you to determine if the lawyer you are interviewing is the right fit for you and your particular case. Does the lawyer have sufficient experience in the appropriate legal areas needed for your particular case? Does their practice primarily involve family law? Do they appear knowledgeable? Does the lawyer think and talk logically and intelligently? Do the two of you communicate well or bond appropriately? Does the attorney understand you and the type of help you need? Can you afford the type of legal services being offered? Are you confident that the attorney can effectively represent you? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself in deciding on your lawyer.

A big part of the initial consultation is determining what type of experience and expertise the attorney really has, because family law is one of the few areas of law that often incorporates many other professional disciplines. Dealing with people’s personal and financial lives is often much more complex than prosecuting a simple mortgage foreclosure action or preparing a contract. A fully experienced divorce attorney needs to have knowledge and experience in the areas of accounting, taxes, real estate, small business operations, debt collection, appeals, and potential other areas. What areas of expertise will be needed depends upon the facts of your particular case.